Friday, June 27, 2014

Make the Best of Your Internship

For any student to understand the critical nuances of a profession one wishes to enter, internship is the first step to get first-hand insight. In many professional courses, internship is mandated, while passionate students driven by the desire to get hands-on experience would grab such opportunities.  Brilliant students who are career conscious and determined to make the best use of their free time would scan the industry or businesses where they would like to work, and approach them for internship.
Organisations look forward to interns to bring in new and innovative ideas as well as engage them in projects that otherwise may remain on their backburner, especially conducting quick market surveys, reaching out to their customers, or even making interns try their products or services for quick feedback. 
There are variety of assignments that organizations offer to an intern and more than anything else, internship is a valuable addition to one’s resume. Many a times an organization may pick up a student for regular employment after the completion of one’s internship period, provided the candidate demonstrates real passion to learn, participates and works with the team, picks up the finer elements of team work and coordination. 
If you are just going to collect a certificate of your attendance and not doing anything, the organization may blacklist your educational institution from receiving future interns, and those who excel not only ensure a better career prospect for themselves but also bring in good name to their institution.

Wanting to be an Intern? Here are some Dos, and Don’ts.

  •       Go to the internet and check out everything about the organization you wish to intern with.  If this fits your career profile just go for it.
  •          Brush up your own academic knowledge of the subject and see what knowledge you can share with the organization or the services that you may wish to render based on your own skills that would be useful to them.
  •          Even if you just want to be with the organization to learn more, prepare a list of all the new skills that you wish to acquire at the organization and the questions that you would like answered. 
  •          Keep a diary.  Develop the habit of maintaining a diary not only to record the tasks that are assigned to you but also to jot down your own observations of various processes to accomplish a task that organization adopts.  The manager you are working with may not have enough time to teach you each and everything. You will have to ask to find your answers.
  •          Learn to report back and keep your senior/trainee manager informed about the progress of your assignments, and in case of any challenges in executing them, again ask as to how you could solve it.
  •          Most importantly, understand the office culture and become a part of it, and a team player, always willing to take up any assignment. Avoid disappearing for a day without informing anyone and reappearing with a lame excuse.  You will lose the respect if you are indisciplined.
  •          Respect the project deadlines.
  •          Dress up formally.  Many a times, young boys and girls, straight from the college would either walk in with shorts, painted t-shirts with weird messages emblazoned on their chest or equally bizarre hairdos.  Be formal. Dress up in formals.
  •          In an organization, access to computers is unlimited; don’t misuse it by spending time on social media.

Internship is the time to hone your skills, learn new ones, and become employable, ready for the highly competitive world. 

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Indian wireline broadband pricing likely to fall by 50%; segment to generate Rs 80,000 crore over 5 years