Friday, January 19, 2018

"Transform" is the only PR Trend

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Transform: The Core Strategy for PR Professionals
As I explore the various professional views on the emerging trends, the key message for the PR practitioners, that has been very aptly provided the thematic treatment in the forthcoming 12th Global Communication Conclave at Pune in March is “Transform or Perish
#Transformation is the well-planned strategic action to manage change, and upgrade oneself to meet the changing exigencies in the business environment.
It is time also to have a relook at our own professional standing and practice.  PR being the science and art of managing communication for an individual or organization, the science of communication is an imperative change that needs to be understood and imbibed, and I won’t mind calling the PR practitioners as PR or Communication Scientists.
Looking at the transformation needed in managing communication is to understand some of the emerging trends in the industry, which include :
  • Making the best use of Big Data and data analytics.  Research shall continue to be the mainstay for the organizational success. Deploying data analysts would be sine qua non to predict future courses and meet customer needs.
  • Artificial intelligence would continue to evolve to assist in analyzing brand conversations;
  • Emerging intelligent chatbots may help engage with different stakeholders and even developing creative content under keen supervision of the PR scientists.
  • Paid versus earned media continues to baffle many PR practitioners since paid print media is often detested or kept out of media strategies, while huge sums get allocated on ‘influencers’ marketing, which is also in a way is turning out to be a paid online channel.  Need is to analyise the key stakeholders and their media consumption instead of just playing the number game.
  • Ethics in communication would help us get back to the basic and build credibility and trust in our professional practice would be the key to strengthening reputation and public image of any organization.
  • Fight obsolence in PR education and training would be another key initiative or professional bodies to match the changing industry needs.
  • Mandatory membership of professional bodies like PRCI and participation in training and education sessions in order to earn minimum annual credits as a part of Continued Communication Education & Training (CCET) programme, would be another transformation to be brought in so that professional practice is upgraded. 

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