Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting the Best out of Your PR Agency

One of the critical issues that confronts a PR agency vis-a-vis client is misunderstandings and mismatched expectations.  The PR agency is not a 'vendor' but a partner.  The PR agency must be taken into confidence and engaged in your important board decisions, future plans, and possible pitfalls foreseen by the organisation from any quarter.
You know your business the best. And we know how to get it across to the desired stakeholders and through what means. So, here's what can be done to keep agency-client relationship on the same page, healthy, efficient and effective.

1. Explain what you want
Write down the brief for the PR agency with clear goals and objectives with a timeline.

2. Understand the Deliverables
The PR agency would define the deliverables after understanding the brief. Discuss this out and be very specific in terms of the goals that you as an organisation are seeking. The PR agency, of course, very clearly indicates what it can do or would do and what it will not.  For instance, don't expect your PR agency to be a fire-fighter or a white-washer. We cannot hide the skeltons in your cupboards.  Do good and win stakeholders confidence and trust.

3. Be Transparent
It's a symbiotic relationship between a client and a PR agency. Be open, transparent and honest with the PR agency about the activities and happenings in the company.  In a crisis situation, it becomes important that organisation remain honest in their communication.

4. Media Management
Media is just one significant stakeholder in any organisation's business environment. We keep in touch with them on daily basis and work with them to help them develop stories on the industry that your organisation represents. But do not expect them to write the way you want them to write. We are there to facilitate professional interaction with the media on your behalf.

5. Value the Time
Especially when media needs to be briefed and some facts need to be shared. The prompt response is what is expected to help journalists meet their deadlines. 

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Indian wireline broadband pricing likely to fall by 50%; segment to generate Rs 80,000 crore over 5 years

Indian wireline broadband pricing likely to fall by 50%; segment to generate Rs 80,000 crore over 5 years