Saturday, January 27, 2018

Honey Singh's songs scare away wild pigs

Different behaviorial scientists have experimented on the impact of various wild and domesticated animals from time to time, and while many of them do respond and like a certain type of music, especially the classical one, the heavy metal and certain type of sharp music does not go well with many of them.
The fluke worked in a village in Uttrakhand, when the villagers thought of playing some loud rock music, especially the fap singer Honey Singh's songs that scared the hell out of the wild pigs who have opted out of it.
The wild pigs were spoiling the crop and hence the move.
The villagers wanted to make human presence known to the wild ones, and nothing better than communicating their territorial rights than playing music though I don't know what made them chose Honey Singh. 
Did they try other forms of music? 
Or was it their sixth sense that Honey Singh's rap was scary enough to take care of the problem.
Worth researching further. 

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